Monday, February 3, 2014

病不单行 Overwhelming Bad Health

Replaced my temporary fillings at NFC this morning.

Sigh, am really overwhelmed with the continuous relapsing of my old health issues since the beginning of year 2013..., followed by the beginning of the horse year... 

Read somewhere that my health issues would have improved in the year of the horse. But it didn't seem to be accurate coz at least for now, I am will juggling with the spills over from last year :( 

Below is the arising/relapsing health issues by chronological order:
Sep 2013: Toothache due to cavity and collapse of right bottom molar and wisdom tooth, spilled over since pregnancy in 2012.
Oct 2013: Four Wisdom Teeth Surgery + Temporary filling to the decayed right bottom molar
Mid Jan 2014: Exteme pain in my decayed right bottom molar and was sent to A&E. Nerves was removed in preparation of root canal treatment (1.5 years wait list) 
End Jan 2014: Fall down and sustained injury on tail bone
Feb 2014: Tail Bone injury relapse + Flu and fever + collapse of temporary filling 

I can only hope I won't be more suay than this :( 

Just 1.5 more weeks I will be on my way to Taiwan with Yvonne. Hope we can recover fully by then and enjoy our recharging holidays! 

Meantime, I wish for more energy to spend time with my children, before my trip! 

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