Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1 more day!!!

I am amazed how much I had 'changed' over the years.

Usually I would have the luggage packed at least 3 days before my trip. I would have changed money at least 1 week before any trip. 

In 24hrs time, I will be at the airport with Yvonne and I still have not packed nor changed money. 

Yesterday I was a bit panicking but today I suddenly found peace. It maybe because of what happened these few days or maybe people just changed when they hit their next 'milestone'. 

Anyhow, I know I have "grown up" over the years and become a "more mature" traveller :P  I am slowly able to travel to familiar places with minimum research. I slowly feel less stressful going to unfamiliar places. 

I guess this is a good change. It makes my heart "stronger"! Hahaha... 

Really looking forward to my trip and I even told Laogong to let me travel to the airport alone via taxi so that I can appreciate the "loneliness" and independence. Sometimes, loneliness equal to freedom... At least to me, it equates. Packing in my white headphone n downloading my favorite Taiwan drama.  Must get into the Taiwan's dreamy mode soon!!!

Okay! Time to pack and hug my Jamie!!!

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