Saturday, April 3, 2010

Family Day with Jamie

Yesterday was a great family day with Jamie. Not only Jamie went for her first movie with us, but also went to this animation-themed cafe at Tanjong Pagar together with us to meet Yeewen.

We took Pyone, my new helper along to the movie as well to reward her for her hard work so far. Think she enjoyed the movie a lot and I believe 3D movie is something new for her too.

Jamie enjoyed the movie too because it should be the biggest 'TV' screen she had ever seen so far. She sat and watched the movie quietly. And could even fell asleep at the most action parts of the movie where the sound system is so deafening. But there were times when she jumped at the 'scary parts' of the movie. I would then pat her chest and whispered, it's okay, Mummy is here' She did not even complain when it's time for her milk. Haha...

At night, we brought her to meet up with Yeewen at this animation-themed restaurant called 'A87' or Akibana.

It was a very pretty restaurant with a lot of cute and pinky decorations. There are even soft toys on the chairs for the customers to cuddle. Jamie has her fun pretending to be a toy!!!

It has been a while since Yeewen had met Jamie too! And Jamie still remembers her!! She smiled when she saw Yeewen :D And Nice Wenwen yiyi bought Jamie a new pair of tights with pretty strawberries! Thanks Wenwen!!!

Laogong joined in to act cute together with us with his Asahi Beer!

Here comes the food!

The Food are really cutely shaped and with interesting names as well. However, I still feel that they are kinda of overpriced. However, having some background knowledge of the rental in the location where the restaurant is, I can understand the need to jerk up the prices a bit too. Anyhow their targeted customers are the working crowd on weekday office hours and the animation-fans after office hours.

Jamie looked really cute wearing pink around the pinky decoration. She wanted very much to sit together with us and hence when she got to do so, she was really thrilled. Looked at her cute little face - Daddy's little angel...

See how sweet she looked playing with the lovely pink furry pillow.

I love you my pretty little angel...

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