Friday, October 14, 2016

WSG ECCE Career Fair - Find Me There!

Want to Find Out More About the Early Childhood Sector and the Available Job Vacancies and Professional Conversion Programme? Come find me at the ECCE Career Fair located at TPY HDB Hub Podium on 14-15 Oct 2016, 9am-5pm!

For the next two days I will be stationed at the Career Fair to answer queries and interviews candidates who are keen to join the Early Childhood Sector. Yeah, I know I had not been talking about my Day Job but well, I think I now love it so much that I want to start sharing my experiences and feelings about my Day Job :) Think I kinda of mentioned that I used to work for the government but I left last year. Currently I am an Internal Audit Manager at Sunflower Childcare Group. My jobscopes? I have one leg in most matters because Internal Audit covers a broad spectum from Operations to Licensing to Quality Assurance to SPARK... Wooh! Okay! I try not to bring in the "industry jargons", otherwise heads will start to spin. My job is simple. I am the bad guy (gal) who goes around my bosses' 20 childcare centres to assess (and guide) the Principals/Teachers/Franchisees to ensure Service Quality Assurance.

Okay, that's all I can share for now. As you get to read and see more about what I do, I guess you can then complete the puzzles.

Have you always wish to make a difference for our future generation? Be the one who grooms the future leaders? Or you simply cannot get enough of young children? I believe there is a place for every child under the sun. Every child is capable of doing great things. Different children have different strengths and learn best in different ways. If you also believe in this, I look forward in having you as part of the Sunflower Family.

Feel free to drop by our booth at the Career Fair to find out more ^^

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