Sunday, August 28, 2016

[Food Review] Classic Cheese with Angus Beef Burger

Had bio-ed the three new signature collection from Mcdonalds for weeks, before I finally found the time (and excuse) to try one of them. Being a Beef cum Cheese Lover, it was not difficult to decide which to try first.

Before I tried this Classic Cheese with Angus Beef Burger, I did not have a very good impression of the Angus Beef Patty that Mcdonalds used. I tried creating my own Mcdonald burgers before using Angus Beef, but many a time, the Angus Beef Patty tasted very dry. 

However, with the Melted Cheese, Salsa Sauce and Sour Cream alike Sauce all in the burger at the same, I had the OMG feeling as I chewed on the slightly wet Angus Beef Patty and Crispy Bacon. 

I had never been a big fan of the Mcdonalds Burger Bread but it was one of the few times I finished all the Burger Bread. 

It was not long before I tried the burger a second time at the same branch. I was not disappointed! This is the second burger apart from Carl's Junior Western Bacon that give me the OMG feeling.

I urge all beef lover to try the Classic Cheese Burger with Angus Beef and leave a comment to this blog post to share your views and experiences! 

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