Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lingering Cough

It has been weeks and my cough and sore throat is still lingering around.

Oh my! When will I be fully recovered? It's irritating to keep coughing! 

Therapist had arranged for me to try out their 养生塑性massage this Friday. She said it will not only help me in sculpturing my body shape, but also able to help me improve my health.

But... My 大姨妈 came to visit me and I cannot go for the massage on Friday Liao! :( Boohoo! 

Haiz.. Nevermind, I will go next week then ^^ "A" has been talking about this massage a lot and she really loves it! I guess she can't be wrong lah! After all she is so right about this slimming programme!!! 

Oh yah, I owe you a post on my slimming progress ^^ Hee hee, I just found a new Taiwan-China drama to 'chase' :P So I am a bit not in the right mood to talk about myself now ^^!

BUT! A great news to share for now is... I hit my newest low weight of 54.9kg! 8.5kg in 2 months! I don't think there is a faster and easier way than this slimming programme. 

Stay time! I will write another post soon! 

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