Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roller coaster fever

Think the weather is really bad lately. Jamie had been down with 'roller coaster' fever since last Thursday and we really had no control over it.

One moment, she seemed to be well and hopping around. Next moment, she would look listless and sick.

Last Friday, she was 'rejected' by school because she was running the 'mysterious fever' in the morning.

This morning she was almost rejected but lucky enough she passed during the second check. But I received a call from her school at 12plus that she was running a 38.3 degrees fever.

As my maid was on leave, I decided to bring her to my office, while I waited for my hubby to tell me if he can knock off earlier and bring Jamie home.

I am really grateful and thankful to have understanding bosses and kind colleagues who always make Jamie feel 'at home'.

A children's corner was setup near my work station and Jamie looked really happy and 'not sick' anymore. She had so much fun that her fever dropped to 37.5 degrees without medication.

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