Friday, July 13, 2012

Mummy's turn to fall sick

:( headache, flu, throat infection n cough... It's mummy's turn to fall sick now :(

Went to see the doctor but ended up could not eat the med coz puked whenever I eat med. This lil one seems more stubborn like Jamie.

Headache should b caused by the toilet bowl seat that crashed onto my head while I was puking yesterday. I know it sounds really funny but it's really painful too :( the bruise n bump only appeared this morning. I forgot to tell the doc about it. I seriously hope I won't be suffering from any brain concussion in my later years lol

Really hungry now and just 'ordered' a waffle.. Yummy... I need to rest my brain.. Hasn't stopped working the whole day though I am on mc :( just cannot help it :(

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