Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Gynae told me it was a good size though I lost weight.

I guess as long as the weight gain is on the lil one is ok for me.

But everyday is a challenge now thinking of what to eat. Sometimes I really have no idea or even no appetite to eat. There is also the fear of puking out what the lil one doesn't like.

So far, other than the spicy food n bread&butter which last for two weeks, there is nothing else I could eat more than three days. I have to eat keep changing the menu for every meal before the lil one 'throws tantrum' again...

I used to b such a easy person to feed becoz I simply eat everything and anything... But now I am the most fussy eater I had ever seen in my own life too lol

I tried to b understanding n stay positive but sometimes, due to work location, I get very upset with this changing appetite... But well, I hope this will last not longer than the first trimester :)

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