Thursday, October 21, 2010

17 days more to Jamie's 1st year birthday~!!!

Heehee, I know I had been lagging behind quite a bit in my blogging. But really hor, once a while I still had late night meetings or there were so many times I just wished to spend more time with Jamie when I got home from work. And of coz, I had also been busy with the purchasing of Jamie's birthday related items and also doing all the planning etc.

Frankly I think I was so excited that I over-invited the guests. Which means, I was initially not expecting myself to invite so many people but then it turned out otherwise. But of coz among my guests, there are some friends which I had not had the time to catch up for a while, so I guess this is gona be really a good time to do some quick catch up. And among other friends, I am really happy to be able to share my joy of Jamie's growing up with all these significant people in my life journey.

I am also very grateful to all those who had agreed to help me with the birthday party! Minghui, thanks so very much for agreeing to become my photographer. I really hope you can enjoy yourself too, despite all the 'work' to be done. Really thanks thanks and thanks so much!!!

And of coz thanks to my 5 lovely girlfriends who are always ready to help out!!! Love ya all :D

My preparations are almost done~!!! So far I did the following:
1. Confirmed the Catering (Elsie Kitchen - Halal)
2. Confirmed the Cake (2-tier 3kg cake)
3. Ordered the cake toppers and candles
4. Ordered all the goody bag items
5. Ordered the balloon decorations

And I still had to do the following:
1. Pack the Goody Bags
2. Do up the angbao box
3. Do up the guestlist for reception counter
4. Do up the guest book
5. Prepare Music for the event
6. Prepare the venue deco - Jamie's Montage
7. Bought some additional items

I intend to get everything done latest by 31 October so that I would not need to feel stressed closer to the event date. However, I felt blessed that I still had Friday, 5 Nov 2010 to do last min purchases.

Oh yaa, don't forget the theme of the party is Mickey Mouse :D So my dear guests out there, do dress up as best as you can to the theme to win a mystery prize~!!! 3 prizes to be won~!!! I intend to do a colouring contest and treasure hunt contest too if possible. Still in the midst of brainstorming for the children activities.

Because......... I am expected up to 40 children at the party!!! The age group ranges from as young as below 1 yrs old to 12 yrs old~ It's really a headache to think abt what to put into their goody bags :P But lucky, I finally break through and made up my mind :)

Oh yaa, the adults are bound to have some fun at the party too and be reminded of their own childhood :D

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