Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Good Places for a Family/Friend(s) Outing with a Baby (Part 1)

I guess thinking about where to bring the baby to every weekends should be a 'problem' to many couples. Some have no idea that they rather leave the children at home or stay home with them altogether. And other never taught it is a problem at all.

What about you?

What about me???

Well, personally I don't find it an issue at all. Maybe becoz I am blessed with two things:
1. A good helper
2. A Car

With this two 'assets', I can bring my baby to anywhere I want. And yes, without the presence of my hubby either. Hahaha...

Anyway, in this case I will share about where we can bring our babies or children below age 5 years old to every weekend.

1. Kite Flying at Marina Barrage

There was one weekends when my jie-meis jioed me and my family (hubby, jamie and my helper) our for a kite flying session at Marina Barrage.

That was among the very few times I had flied my kite since I passed 12 years old. I remember I tried flying a kite at Marina South before when the rows of steamboat restaurants were still at the area. But yet I could not remember who I flied the kite with!!! Hahaha...

Anyway, at first I was a bit worried whether it was too hot for Jamie since she is know as the 冷气宝贝. And indeed it was pretty sunny at first till she could not open her eyes and had to have both her sun-hat and umbrella over her.

However, I realized like many other babies, Jamie loves the outdoor. She was so happy and can't wait to get out of the house every weekend. See how thrilled and pretty she looked in her sun dress and sun hat¬!! I think this is her favourite outfit so far.

Jamie did not have to hide from the sun for very long. We reached the place close to 6pm and by 7pm, the sun no longer heated the place. What we saw was a beautiful sight of the Singapore Flyer and MBS...

The scenery was so lovely that we had wedding couples and families bringing their camera crew to take pictures there.

And since the sun has set and the weather becomes very windy, it was Jamie's party time. She struggled from one adult to another adult among the group enjoying the attention. And when she got tired, she simply lay on the picnic mat and listen to the adults' conversation.


You may wonder so does it mean there will be a lot of preparing work to do for the picnic food? And with a baby, it's definitely become very leh chek if still need to prepare food and lugged it to the destination.

We kept the whole process simple because we just like to snack a bit in the midst of kite flying and have the main course after the outing. Hence we brought very simple food for picnic which we grabbed from Carrefour: 2 roast chicken, assorted sushi, grapes and strawberries plus packet drinks. We then had a very filling supper after the session.

You must be wondering whether Jamie can tahan till so late? Well, she is our daughter afterall, and hence she doesn't sleep very early if she wants to ^^ She was wide awake to share my tou hua supper :D

Is kite flying difficult? Hmmm, we have two experts with us on that day so Laogong picked up the skill pretty fast then :D But then there were so many kites that, half the time the amateurs are pulling down the other experts' kites and kena glared at or their kites were dragged down by the expert kites.

Anyway, its really magnificent to see so many kites in the air all at one time. And the most exciting part is when the sky is dark and the kites with lights started to rule the dark sky...

Look at how much Jamie and Daddy were enjoying their time together :) I guess when Jamie is older, we can teach her how to fly kite together with us!!!

Hence, I greatly recommend parents to bring their children to Marina Barrage to fly a kite or just picnic and watch other people fly kite. There is ample space for the little ones who can run around. You can bring along the pets too. But do remember to bring an umbrella for the infants before the sun set, in case the sun is too glaring for them. And if you do not want to buy food, you can always make simple snacks like mini sandwiches and fruit salad to bring along.

And it's a good venue for big group outings too!!!

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