Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a Scare...

Had a bad scare from yesterday to today.

I was on my way to work yesterday when I received an SMS from Laogong saying that Jamie had rolled off the bed. Laogong fractured his feet last week and hadn't got better, so he decided to take an MC yesterday. I guess it was all fated that at least Laogong was at home at the point of the accident.

I immediately U-turned and drove home to see Jamie, even though Laogong told me Jamie was alright. I felt guilty that because I had thought Jamie would be safe with a playpen on one side of the bed and Laogong on the other side of the bed, it would mean the possibility of her rolling off the bed would be slimmer. However, little did we know, she actually had the strength to push the playpen away and dropped to the borrom where there was a bolster. She was lucky that the bolster had reduce her drop to the maximum. I was told Jamie did not hit her head on the floor.

Jamie was actually very happy to see me back home. I took 2 hrs off to ensure everything was ok with Jamie. She seemed cheery and even giggled when I asked if she had pushed away the playpen to roll off the bed. And when I reprimanded her for the act and told her she won't be as lucky the next time round, she sticked out her tongue.

Haizz.. what a cheeky girl...

All was okay other than Jamie slept more in the daytime and was wide awaken till late.

The next day (which is today) when I left the house to go work, I purposely put Jamie into the playpen so that she won't rolled off the bed again.

At 5pm, Pyone called me and said Jamie had been crying non-stop and she did not know what's wrong, except that Jamie's left hand seemed to be in pain. I was rushing some work and could not head home immediately so I told Laogong to go home to check on Jamie first. He then updated that the whole of Jamie's left arm, hand and fingers seemed to be numbed and it hurt badly when she moved her left arm, hand or fingers.

I headed home at 6.15pm but was caught in the traffic till 8pm. By then, Laogong said Jamie seemed to have recovered fully and could move her left arm, hand and fingers already. To play safe, we still brought Jamie to see the doctor.

The doctor checked her and said it maybe just temporary side effects and if there wasn't no abnormalities happening to Jamie and if she did not vomit non-stop, then she should be alright already.

Jamie got home and took a nap and till now she is wide awake and playing.

Really hope she is ok... It's really a big scare for both me and Laogong...

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