Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 6 months Jamie!!!

Anyone miss me? I think it's some time since I last blogged.

Had started working, lotsa homework to do everyday.

Hate cold calling but still got to do it. Ok la, it helps to build up my vocal confidence too ^^ And most importantly, learn to be more thick-skinned. I always think I have very thin skin coz I get very upset with others' comments sometimes. I guess in sales, we cannot take all comments too personally.

Sometimes I wonder if I ever be able to catch up with the many already successful sales-friends. I really wonder. I was never from the sales line. Customer Service yes, marketing yes but not sales. Kinda of tough to learn to read gestures, facial expressions and non-verbal communication...

But I always love challenges and I wish to try whatever job I had not tried before or never thought I will try.

Yaa.. Frankly, Sales was the last job I will want to do. Not that I am a shy person. I am from drama and I can be quite vocal if I want to. But then, I feel selling something to someone is like a big responsibility. Unless I am convinced that this product is good and value for money, I won't sell it to another person.

Yea, that's my attitude to my sales job and biz now. I want to make sure those products I put on Ministry of Babies and Jolene's Fashion Buffet is value for money before I sell to others. And I want to make sure the house I sell to others have no major problem before I can hand it over to the buyers...

I always enjoy adding value to others' lives. Sounds very noble? It was my motto in life. To add value in all my friends' and family members' lives. And now it's my motto and promise to all my clients.

I am treating my property work as a goodwill job. A job that helps others to find their dream homes or offices. A job that helps others buy properties with good investment values. A job that helps tenants to rent the right house and to help the landlords find the right landlords to take good care of the house.

Frankly, I don't understand why there are so many black sheeps in the industry. And how can they possibly sleep well at night after cheating their customers? Don't they feel guilty about it? Or they just feel it's the clients' fault for being so easily cheated by them? Because of these black sheeps, property agents have very bad name in the market. And it's harder to gain trust and faith from the clients nowadays. However, I believe as long as the other parties know that u are truly sincere in helping them solve their property issues/matters, they will still be willing to engage our services.

I truly hope not to disappoint my clients and my friend, Charleen who has so much faith and trust in me. I will work very hard!!!

Happy 6 months old Jamie :D Mummy will not disappoint you too :D U have been very understanding to mummy lately since mummy started working. U have been a good girl and mummy will work hard for u k? So mummy can buy many more pretty dresses and fun toys for u :D But don't worry too :) Mummy will still try to spend as much time with you as mummy can k? :D Love you so much, my little angel :D

Sometimes I feel so lousy as a mother who has to think so hard and so long before I decided to buy a toy or some clothes for Jamie. I really hope I will stop feeling so lousy soon...

Catch a glimpse of Jamie now that she is 6 months old :D

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