Friday, March 12, 2010

Jamie's First Food...

10 March was Jamie's Lunar 4month birthday. Being someone who had followed my mum since young and watched how she took care of the various babies she took care of as a babysitter, I too believe that a baby is capable enough to start their first foods when they hit 4 mth old.

I brought Jamie to my mother house for the 'ritual' then.

Jamie waited anxiously for something to happen.

It was not only an exciting day for Jamie, it was as excited for Clarisse as well. She welcomed her cousin with big hugs and sayangs!!!

Hee, it's so cute to watch the two children 'play' or even 'talk' to each other. Whenever Clarisse saw Jamie screaming, she will give her a pat on the head. But as Jamie's continued with her screaming... innocent Clarisse gave me a 'I don't know what's wrong with baby? I patted her but she is still crying :('

And when they played in the aircon room together. Clarisse even told me that Jamie was noisy and she wished to get out of the room. hahaha... so cute!!!

And hor, Clarisse for the first time, able to say the word 'Mei Mei' (sister) very clearly! She even told my father that 'Mei Mei is here' when he returned home. Kids are amazing... Jamie too wanted very much to join in the fun with her 'big' sister. They then watched TV happily together on a mattress in the living room.

Now come the food!!!

Jamie had been salivating whenever she watches us eat. However, it seemed she was not very adventurous herself when it comes to actual feeding of the food. Or maybe she is just not used to eating with a spoon Or that she didn't understand what it is all about anyway!

She looked like she did not enjoy the pumpkin porridge but then she seemed to want more still. She cried for a while when she was fed. However, we still decided to try again at night. And this time round, we tried the nestle white rice cereals mixed with her formula milk. Jamie seemed to enjoy it very much! Maybe it's coz it tasted like her own milk???

Well, I guess I will try to feed her a bit of cereals everyday and just nice I have the nestle white rice cereals and happytimes brown rice cereals.I will rotate the two types of cereals everyday. Maybe lunch she will have white rice cereals and dinner she can have brown rice cereals.

If Jamie likes what she is eating, I will introduce more food slowly to test her digestive system. But I was told to bear in mind not to introduce any sweet or salty food to Jamie too soon. If not she will become a fussy eater...

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