Friday, February 22, 2013

Buzzing Bee...

Hihi! Was really busy lately because the end of my confinement marked the beginning of Lunar New Year. With all the visiting and preparing for James' full month celebration, I really have no time to catch up on my blog posts. Lots to share because I had been super engrossed in China history related HK and China dramas since my confinement. So engrossed that I already made up my mind to plan another visit to China after my Beijing trip this April. Apart from these great shows, I also have lots of photos to share about James too ^^ Though 'torturing' because he hardly sleeps, but I really cannot help but love my pretty prince more and more everyday :) Please bear with the possible messiness of my blog because I will be sorting out the blog labels on and off these few days. Will share more after James' full month party this Sunday :D Got to zoom off now because my friends are coming over for steamboat dinner and lou hei this evening. After preparing for the dinner items, I need to zoom off to fetch Jamie and my hubby :) Haha! I feel as busy now as when I was working :P Seeya soon :)

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