Thursday, December 13, 2012

Changing behavior...

Lately Jamie had been misbehaving herself and telling lies too..

As she has always been meeting our expectations and always mature and sensible, hence her abrupt change was a bit unacceptable.

Today teacher even told us she bit her classmate. Teacher also said she denied when she was questioned. She too denied when we first asked her but after being warned to tell the truth, she admitted she bit her friend because he did not want to give her the seat.

Though I know she is just going through the acceptance phase of becoming the older sister but I cannot help but feel that I failed as a mother.

After all I had always thought I had done a good job but I think it is really not good enough yet. I learnt from this incident and I guess it means I need to give Jamie more attention and not take her for granted. However mature and sensible she may be, she is still only a 3 year old child...

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