Monday, August 20, 2012

17 weeks - growing well :)

Did my 17th week check up on 18/08/2012. As usual baby was sleeping sideways so couldn't have a clear look at the genitals. But it's just only 3 weeks away from the next checkup plus the detailed scan.

Yay! After which I can start planning what to buy for my little James or Michelle ;)

If you ask me to b honest I will want a James of coz, becoz:
1. It fulfills my dream of having a boy and a girl as my children.
2. The old folks will prefer a boy.
3. I will hope my children will b more doted by the old folks.

Seeing Laogong grandma doesn't really like Jamie from young makes me sad. Reminds me of my own childhood. But I guess all old folks prefer boys becoz after all we are Chinese who believes only the boys will carry on the bloodline of the father. Women are still nevertheless treated as 赔钱货sometimes..

But to me, it's already a blessing my second baby has managed to survive the terrible early pregnancy. There are a lot of things I never thought would happen to me but I guess there is nothing impossible in this world.

Boy or girl are both my children. I will love both my children equally and they will have equal chances of achieving in their lives. Though having two children means a greater financial strain but I believe I will not stop working hard to maintain their current lifestyle and help fulfill my laogong's ambition.

Little ones, rest assure Mama will be always here for you and do anything to keep you safe, healthy and happy...

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