Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Late Nights...


Been sleeping really late these days...

No, I stopped bringing work home because I realised I cannot work from home. So instead of feeling bad over the pile of work I brought home and spoilt my weekday nights and weekends, I decided to just try to finish whatever I can at work and head home with only one intention = spend more time with my family members.

So what have I been busy about?

Well, Jamie's birthday parties lor!

Though there aren't much to worry about for Jamie's school party (for this year at least) since we will only be buying a cake and preparing the goodie bags. However, there is always the concerns on cake toppers. Hmm.. I have two sets of mickey cake toppers but am worried Jamie will keep looking for the set she had been playing with. So may have to get another set for the party. Let's hope she continues to be Mickey's big fan for a few more years so I can recycle the toppers a few more timse :P

Okies, as far.. after ALL the late nights and panda eyes... these are the status of her parties preparation:

1. ordered both cakes but waiting for the confirmation slip. Both from pine gardens.. will show u the photos of the cakes i ordered when i get home tonite..
2. bought 90% of the goodie bags, and party stuffs
3. ordered the remaining 5% online liao, waiting for delivery
4. ordered the 25 cupcakes n made payment le..
5. decided on the tentative sunny and rainy day programmes

I am only left with:
1. 5% of the party stuffs
2. the layout of the place

All the Way! All the Way! GOOOOOOOOO~~~~~

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