Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jamie at 18mths...

At 18mths, it has come the time to decide when is the right time for her to start school.

Many believes it will help speed up her language learning and increase her independence, hence picking up more self-help or even survival skills. However looking at how little she looks at 78cm tall and weighing 10.3kg, I can't help but still feel she is a baby.

I sometimes wonder if I m too protective or that ironically my new job has left me more worrisome of my Precious' well-being among a group of strangers.

What's more, is she ready to learn about what's right from wrong? I learn seeing her smile in her amiable or even cheeky way. Love to observe what's up next in her sleeves too.

She is now a professional copycat, who loves pretending to cook and wash clothes. She starts to love books a little bit more but singing and dancing is still her favorite. She will just sway and dance to any music or if u are lucky, u may hear her humming to the songs too :)

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