Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tips for First Year Birthday Bash~!!! (1)

Was trying really hard to write this blog entry earlier on lolz...

And finally I found some inspirations from all the little tigers' and tigress' mummies who had started planning for their little ones' first year birthday bash :D

Today I will share on what to look out for when planning for the First Year Birthday Bash... it's kinda of similar to the planning for the full month celebration but more details to look out for...

1. Party Theme
2. Budget
3. Venue
4. Caterer
5. Number of Guests
6. Party Favors
7. Party Decorations
8. Backup Plan(s)

It was definitely a very stressful process which I went through thinking about Jamie's First Year Birthday Party. However, it was an enjoyable experience too!!! I had a hard time going through the above 7 points before I made decisions. And there were decisions which were made at the last hours (within 7 days from her party). But I was glad everything turned out great!!!

It was raining on Jamie's First Year Birthday Party and there were some guests who flew my kite at the last hour etc. There weren't enough food for those who came after 8.30pm. There weren't enough standing/sitting areas for all the guests due to the rain.

All these imperfections could easily dampen one's spirit. But yet, it was due to these imperfections I realized a lot of things too.

Haha.. I am going to stop here for now :D Share more in the next entry ^^

Happy Lunar New Year ^^

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