Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back from my First Cruise Trip ^^

Hi All :D

It's been another few weeks since I last blogged.

Sigh.. my low period don't seem very low right?

Well, let's hope it's only temporary :) So I am staying positive and learning as much as I can for now in this 4 month old job ^^ Guess it's still too early to judge it.

But one good thing about being back working is I FINALLY can enjoy PAID holiday!!! And FINALLY Laogong and I can have some private time with each other.

Yes~!!! We just got back from our first Cruise Trip and this time we were on board with the all famous Royal Carribean, Legends of the Sea for 3 Nights~ We boarded the ship on 26 Nov and arrived in Singapore on 29 Nov.

Was out the whole of yesterday to met up with my Uni friends of which one will be delivery next week. Now praying for her smooth delivery... She is pretty amazing to be walking so fast still when she is 38.5 weeks pregnant.. Wow... I was not working when I was pregnant. I had bad heartburn and low blood pressure towards the 3rd trimester. Hence I was half the time lying in bed during my pregnancy (including my first trimester). I really can't imagine myself having another child while working...

I also met up with some close friends to celebrate one of their birthday :) Had a nice drink and chitchat session too. Missed going to Batam with them already~!!! Yah, I just went on a short Batam trip with the two of them. I think it's fun to be travelling with your good friends. That is, if we won't mind about each other's bad habits or weird habits.

So I was out the whole of yest and was working today so until now then I can upload the photos for my trip. In my next few blog entries, I will share more about the trip :)

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