Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jamie is 28 days old...

It's time to go back to my MIL house tomorrow ^^

Wow... time really flies... (I seemed to keep repeating this phrase :P)

Jamie is 28 days today :)

Tomorrow we will be doing her full month ritual at my mum's house before we returned to my MIL's house for the remaining ritual. And Jamie will be officially one month old~!!!

Had spoken to the massage in-charge, hope to start my post-natal massages next Monday. Not sure if it's too short a notice for them to get things ready for me. Can't wait to be slim again~!!! LOLz...

How much more weight to lose? Not sure yet, since there isn't any weighing machine at my mum's house. But at the rate I am eating all the tonic soups etc, I fear I put on more weight instead. Nevertheless, I believe when my OJT starts for care-taking of Jamie, I should be losing some weight ;)

Looking forward to bath Jamie later. And of coz, looking forward to bathing myself too today~!!! Pray that the weather remains good...

New Photo I took of Jamie just now :)

Sometimes I wonder if she knows that I am taking her photos...

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